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The PX-Q505 Flashpistol® leak detection set is state of the art in precision fiber optic fault location. This set is comprised of the patented PX-Q500 leak detection gun and a PX-Q404 tracer source. It is designed to find infrared radiation from firearm, rodent, or burn damage in aerial cables as well internal splice enclosure fiber faults. While an OTDR can find approximate distance to a problem, pinpointing problems in the real world is more often about luck, intuition, or trial and error.
The PX-Q505 can also be used to pinpoint faults inside a splice enclosure or hub using interchangeable heads. To use the Flashpistol® probe, simply squeeze and hold the trigger and sweep over a suspect area.

Parameter Value PX-Q500 Value PX-Q404
Emitter Laser, FP, Class 1 Laser, FP, Class 1
Wavelength 1550nm 1550nm
Bandwidth 5nm 5nm
Power <-1dBm +5dBm
Modulation 500Hz 2kHz
Detector InGaAs N/A
Sensitivity (mode sensitive) -85dBm, -75dBm, -40dBm N/A
Operating Temperature -5oC to 50oC -5oC to 50oC
Storage Temperature -10oC to 60oC -10oC to 60oC
Battery 9V Alkaline 4-AA NiMH
Battery Life 24hr standby, 10hr typical usage 14hr typical usage


~ Aerial damage location / verification~ Wavelength detection
~ Splitter and WDM troubleshooting
~ Saw cut and riser guard examination
~ Raw fiber and location and continuity testing
~ Ribbon fiber orientation testing
~ New installation scanning
~ Tracer: tone injection for leak detection probes
~ Tracer: tone injection for fiber identifiers
~ Fault location in dead zones
~ Fault location in splice enclosures and hubs
~ Fiber tracing end to end (300km+)
~ Fiber tracing by mid-span leakage
~ Fiber tracing by local bend
~ Fiber bend and break pinpointing
~ Connector damage detection
~ Bulkhead adapter troubleshooting
~ Live port detection

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